Company Profile
Retech Technology Co., Limited (“Retech” or the “Company”), is an investment holding company, incorporated in Hong Kong with its operating subsidiaries located in mainland China and Hong Kong.
Retech’s vision is to be one of the world’s leading and foremost e-learning solutions providers. The Company’s purpose is to deliver qualified online training solution by its software and platform technology and well-designed courses to make learning easily and efficiently. The Company and its operating subsidiaries (“Retech Group” or “the Group”) provide comprehensive e-learning solutions to the target clients as follow:
  • Corporates in
    focused industries
  • Vocational
  • Companies with
    ESG e-learning
    services demands
  • Students engaged
    in language learning
Products & Services
The Company’s products and services include 3 main parts: e-learning platform, e-courses and e-learning solution consulting and operational Service. These enable clients to efficiently deliver their offline training content online through multiple channels or devices, such as the internet, mobile and social media platforms. Through our products and services, we can not only do we provide solutions that satisfy the changing e-learning technology trends, but also build a complete e-learning ecosystem integrated into our clients’ training system. They are detailed in the following sections: