e-Course Direct

On the basis of the available customer resources and the rapid expansion of market, Retech has proposed “class cloud service” to expand the client purchasing.

The content of Retech class cloud was originated from the self copyright research and evelopment as well as the main cooperative partners such as TAFE, and targeted at the requirement of the lients initially. During this stage, Retech would grow to be Chinese SkillSoft. The developing goal of Retech class cloud is to create a trade and billing system to make the demander of the class and the owner of the copyright carry out the free online trade and realize the financial service and ecuritization of copyright.

Casestudy 1

Diligence study of Pthink

The online course cloud service mainly offers the existing partners to the copyright cloud services, such as the typical case like the Diligence study of Pthink. In January 2016, through the cooperation with Retech Technology, Pthink offered the online training common course ware services for the automobile vocational college. Through the Cloud Center of Retech Technology, diligence study of Pthink bought the training course material for auto industry in 61 courses with the independent course ware copyright and sold to the automobile training institutions/ colleges that need the course training, with the profitability of CNY 1.74 million.