Courseware production

Retech is always devoted to provide customers with most valuable course service by taking consultation as a entry point; through professionalized development cooperation “course content expert+ course teaching designer+ courseware development designer”, considering the learning habit and learning method of object, Retech develops core contents of courseware and fully takes the advantages of E-learning in the perspective of user during the development of e-course. [more]

Cooperating with many well-known courseware producers, universities and training institutions, Retech developed a set of off the shelf E-Learning and its number grows by 500 hours / year. In this way, Retech forms its huge eCourse library. Retech’s off the shelf E-Learning includes independently developed off the shelf E-Learning and surrogated third-party off the shelf E-Learning.

Classical industrial courseware

Retech’s general courseware at industrial level is mainly made for three industries: auto, finance and retailing. Through cooperation with authoritative content providers of each industry, the company is devoted to develop general industrial contents and produce courseware for consumers’ choice.


Retail chain


Cross-industrial general courseware

General knowledge contents for most of companies
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  • Communication
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  • Business skills
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  • Product sale skills
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  • Leadership
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  • Software
  1. Production management
  2. Quality management
  3. Sale management
  4. Market analysis
  5. Financial management
  6. Emotional management
  7. HR
  8. Self management