Retech Technology Co., Ltd and leading Japan and South Korea E-Learning enterprises Established Asia Pacific E-Learning Education Summit Forum

E-Learning related associations and enterprises from China, Japan and South Korea gathered together in Seoul, Korea on 29th and 30th November, 2018. All these entrepreneurs initiated to establish Asia-Pacific e-learning Education Summit Forum and set up a preparatory committee. Ai Shungang, the Chairman and President of Retech Group, was invited to attend the meeting on behalf of Retech Group representing China council members of the forum.


General Manager Guo Mingmin and deputy general manager Yang Binbin from Shanghai Ruihu Network Technology Co., Ltd. also attended the meeting. 

The attendees of the preparatory meeting also include An Tianche, the President of Japan e-learning Promotion Association and the founder & CEO of NetLearning Co., Ltd. (the No. 1 company in the Japanese industry); Li Dongzhen, the President of Korea EdTech Industry Association (successor) and the President & CEO of T-IME Education Corporation; Cao Yongzhuo, the President & CEO of Korea e-learning Enterprise Federation-HUNET; Lin Zaihuan, the President & CEO of Korea EdTech Industry Association (current)-UBION and more than 10 founders & CEOs from the top 10 e-learning companies in the industry of Korea and Japan. 


At the preparatory meeting, the teams from China, Japan and South Korea conducted 2 days of communication in e-learning technology, development trend, digital publishing content, AI and other relevant topics, and reached the following consensus: 



1. The "E-Learning Forum" will be held annually in China, Japan or South Korea to communicate and exchange ideas

2. China, Japan and South Korea jointly establish a network-based research institution

3. Preliminary plan to hold four information exchange conferences every year

4. Editing and publishing a research report magazine every year

Retech Group President Ai Shungang and the team also visited other leading companies in online education industry, including T-IME, WORLD VERTEC, Ubion and KUNet in South Korea. They had in-depth communications on e-learning related topics.  


The Asia Pacific e-learning Education Forum is dedicated to promoting a comprehensive communication between e-learning industry associations, groups, businesses and schools in Asia-Pacific region. Retech has brought many benefits by taking an active part in the establishment of Asia-Pacific e-learning Education Forum. This not only encourages learning and communication between companies, but also shows Retech’s determination and confidence to further develop the internationalization of the company.  


In the future, Retech Group will continue to develop its own strength and actively promote the progress of the e-learning industry. In the meantime, we would like to invite more domestic rivals to contribute to the industry development and global communications.