Retech Join Hands with China Minsheng Bank to Lead New Direction of Bank Talent Development

Talent cultivation and organizational development is an important and eternal theme. Nowadays rapid change and uncertainty has become normality, swept by both marketing and internet finance, the bank industry is undergoing an unprecedented in-depth self-transformation and even revolution. Re-establish talent economy and pour into sustainable lifeblood through talent cultivation and development to improve performance is the only way for banks.

China Minsheng Bank as a typical example of new-type banks who pays great attention on corporate internal training, it has relatively complete eLearning based training system and training courses, however, even with such efforts, it still face a series problems like high training cost versus low training effect, low covering rate, rapid change on training requirements, courseware supersession, etc.


The cooperation with Retech is for “China Minsheng Bank eLearning Courseware Resource Development Project”. This project will fit for employees self-learning requirements through multi-terminal and multi-type courseware forms and provide utmost service to drive Minsheng banks business and disseminate organizational culture. Meanwhile, this project will echo with Minsheng’s “Xue Ba” mobile learning APP, completely promote and try Minsheng Banks micro-course resource planning, development and application. The application of mobile internet technology will improve the disadvantages of traditional training, further elevate employees learning efficiency, learning experience and enthusiasm.


When problems cannot be solved internally, the company will take initiative to seek assistance outside, which is a win-win business mode. The revolution of the industry and demand change from employees forced Minsheng Bank to start to look for new direction of talent development and discover new possibility and model. Retech as the leading “Knowledge Service Provider” reached strategic cooperation agreement with Minsheng Bank. On the premise of unchanging Minsheng Bank’s current training mode and training resources, Retech will meet bank employees training needs, drive employees’ positive participation for learning and become an important supplement of Minsheng Bank’s online training system.