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Congratulations on online learning platform project of the Bank of China headquarter

17 10,2016author:

On May 25, 2016, after rounds of bidding selection of the Bank of China, Shanghai Retech stood head and shoulders above more than 20 outstanding suppliers from both home and abroad, successfully won the bid for online learning platform project of the Bank of China (BOC for short hereinafter) headquarter.


We bore heavy task but tight schedule for the bidding. Since the bidding information was concealed, we accurately assigned the project bidding work to assure the division of specific work and responsibilities, putting forward specific requirements for the bidding documents, technical quality, etc. To be specific, we carefully studied the tender documents to grasp the intention and developed a detailed work plan, conducted preparation and precisely organized the implementation. Staff in relevant department worked together and even over nights to conquer the difficulties. They finished the tender documents with high efficiency, and quality and finally delivered to tenderee timely. Eventually, Retech successfully won the bid due to the affirmation of the BOC headquarter, owing to our good reputation, the leading industry experience, a strong research and development team, outstanding online learning solutions, perfect quality assurance system and reasonable price. 

BOC is one of the five biggest state-owned commercial banks, whose business scope covers commercial banks, investment banks, insurance and aviation lease. It owns financial holding institutions such as BOC (Hong Kong), BOC International, BOC Insurance, etc., providing financial services to individuals and corporate clients globally. BOC, as the bank with the highest degree of internationalization and diversification, provides comprehensive financial services to customers in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other 37 countries. The online learning platform that Shanghai Retech customized for the BOC is a combination of BOC’s global financial business, serving to its 360,000 employees around the world. Its purpose is to make an online learning platform completely satisfying the needs of the individualized talents training and development. 

At present, China's banking sector is under the dual impact of interest rate marketization reform and science-tech change, witnessing an age of the accelerated competition. The means of competition switches from the original single competition of product, customer, and channel to the systematic, integrated, informative way, widening the scope of competition. To survive in the fierce market competition, the most fundamental way is to provide customers with products and services with greater value and different feelings, as well as train innovative talents. 

Retech, as professional "knowledge service provider" in the industry, sticks to education and pays attention to the financial industry talent cultivation and development. Therefore, it forms a set of online learning solutions fitting into financial market regulations. The success of this bid indicates BOC headquarter’s recognition not only for Retech’s comprehensive strength and the technical capacity, but also for our brand and products. 

“If devoting to one craft, must be perfect; if devoting to one position, must be outstanding.” Retech is willing to devote all our limited time and energy, all of the team thought and wisdom, the whole company’s persistence and pursuit, hardworking and diligence to every client, in order to perfect our talent development solutions and online training solutions. We believe that we will work hand in hand to with BOC to survive the future financial industry talent competition, keeping an impregnable place.