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Together Towards Magnificence ——Retech Develops Online Learning Platform for Beijing Benz

17 10,2016author:

Talent is the fundamental factor of enterprise development and is the enterprise's greatest resource. Over the years, Beijing Benz Automotive Co., LTD. (hereinafter "Beijing Benz" for short) constantly makes breakthrough and innovation in the employees training. In recent years, with the development of multimedia technology and the deepening of innovation requirements, as well as the employee learning needs and changing habits, Beijing Benz strives to have new breakthrough in the field of online training.


Benz Beijing is a joint venture of Mercedes-Benz and BAIC Moter Corporation. Retech as one of Mercedes-Benz suppliers has established long-term strategic cooperation with Mercedes-Benz on eLearning platform construction and content development. Thanks to Retech’s strong platform development capability and advanced software service ability, Retech successfully became Benz Beijing’s cooperation partner for its customized eLearning platform. Through in-depth pre-sale communication and requirements research, Retech understands that this eLearning platform needs functions to fit the training needs of employees working in the Compliance Department, it will also lay the foundation to serve whole company training in the future. Besides, Retech also has cooperation with Mercedes-Benz (China) Auto Sales Co., Ltd on training classroom management system optimization project. This is a custom development project which will be used to manage the book and use of Mercedes-Benz training classroom, meanwhile optimize and innovate functions to make up for procedure and mobility shortages of the original system and meet new requirements.


Retech, as a famous "Knowledge Service providers", will carry out all-round integration of teaching resources in the cooperation, standardize the training content and optimize the training system. It will build an online learning platform for Beijing Benz to cultivate more high-end and international automobile talents and talent promote training work.

Beijing Benz’s cooperation with Retech indicates the training work has gone into the fast lane. Standing at the beginning of the "the 13th five-year plan", Beijing Benz is meant to become "International high-end car brand benchmarking enterprise towards the world in China". It will continue to follow globally unified training concept by Daimler, giving full play to the advantages of current international hardware platform, as well as perfecting the training system construction, enhancing the level of training, cultivating advanced talents. Hence, it could lay a solid foundation for the enterprise’s sustainable development; also provide inexhaustible driving force for China's high-end car manufacturing to promote to a new height.