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Continue the Brilliance ——Congratulations on Shanghai Retech Being Bid Winner of SNPTC 3D Courseware Project Again

17 10,2016author:

In the light of the fast development of nuclear power industry in China, all the departments and enterprises related to nuclear power will face an important issue——talent shortage. How to speed up the nuclear power talent training is currently one of the key issues that nuclear power enterprises should think over according to their own situation and needs. 


Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute (hereinafter SNPTC for short) was established on February 8, 1970, with the help of the core of first generation leadership of Chinese Party Central Committee. Its research and design of nuclear power engineering is at leading place domestically, as well as a well-known backbone enterprise in China's nuclear power research and design industry where China's nuclear power really started.

SNPTC would like to transfer part of the mature lesson plans into a boutique courseware in order to speed up the nuclear talent development. Therefore, it works together with Retech again to kick off the "SNPTC Nuclear 3D Courseware Project". This project is an important part of the 16 national major projects associated with Hegaoji (Core electronic devices, High-end generic chips and Basic software products) major projects. National Science and Technology Major projects is major strategic products, key generic technology, and major projects completed within limited time to achieve the national goals, through the breakthrough of core technology and resources integration. National Middle and Long-term Science & Technology Development Plan (2006-2020) has determined 16 major projects. These major projects are the top priorities of science and technology development till 2020 in China. 

For this bidding, Shanghai Retech will employ years of accumulated strong technical strength to provide service for the "SNPTC 3D Courseware". We will use animation, video, human-computer interaction and rapid tools and a variety of technical means; apply professional script planning, shooting script creation, film and television shooting technology; add multimedia contents into the proper place including voice, image, video, three-dimensional simulation, scene animation based on the raw material; complete the industrial design, script planning, technical implementation, courseware development and after-sales technology. 

With the rapid development of nuclear power industry in China, all the departments and enterprises related to nuclear power are discussing how to speed up the nuclear power talent training. Shanghai Retech, as the famous the " Knowledge Service Provider and Learning Technology Leader", relying on years of rich experience in providing knowledge content, knowledge management tools and knowledge operating platform to organizations and individuals, Retech has formed a set of customized solutions for nuclear power talent development. It will bring talent guarantee for the long-term development of the SNTPC.