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Retech & Pthink Achieve Strategic Cooperation Agreement: Deepen the Implementation of the National Vocational Education Construction

17 10,2016author:

Speeding up the development of modern vocational education is a major strategic deployment made by the Chinese Party Central Committee and the State Council. It has great significance of further implementing the strategy of innovation- driven development, creating more talent bonuses, speeding up the transfer mode, adjusting structure and promoting the upgrade. In recent years, China's vocational education career develops rapidly; the system construction is steadily pushed forward. As a result, a large number of mid and senior skilled talents have been trained. It makes important contribution to improving the quality of the laborers, to promoting economic and social development and promoting employment.

Shanghai Retech, as professional “knowledge service provider” in the industry, has the largest domestic E-courseware development team and rich experience in curriculum development and management. This time, Retech works hand in hand with Pthink to develop E-learning courseware suitable for vocational education. It has great strategic significance of deepening the implementation of the national vocational education construction and speeding up the development of modern vocational education system.

The development and application of E-learning courseware is not simply putting the offline courses to the online platform, but a new concept of curriculum design. E-learning courseware of Shanghai Retech effectively use design methods of micro course, to solve the problems before class, in the class, after class of the teaching situation in vocational education. Such methods can expand the connotation and extension of teaching, are qualified for informationization teaching context, can deal with change of study habits under the informationization vocational education environment, and are able to use information technology to promote teaching quality as well.

Both sides of the cooperation will focus on carrying out depth of cooperation and development on national modernization construction of vocational education in the future, in the formation of a normalized, multiple-level and close interaction mechanism. Eventually, both sides achieve the strategic cooperation target of mutual benefit and reciprocity, as well as coordination and a win-win situation.