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New Training Management Platform - "One Touch Learning" Officially Launched, Built for Mercedes-Benz by Retech

05 12,2018author:

On 19th November 2018, the first stage of a new training platform “One Touch Learning” (OTL) was officially launched. This new platform was built for Mercedes-Benz by Retech’s best effort. The platform was tailor-made for the Mercedes-Benz talent development program for the market in China, aiming to create a relaxed, convenient and fast learning environment for the trainees, which will provide them a brand-new training experience.


Since the beginning of the project, it has received great attention from the leadership of both Retech and Mercedes-Benz. Based on the in-depth communication between the two parties, Retech set up a project team and developed a set of pertinent and forward-looking system solutions via collecting the extensive needs of the internal training management team and lecturers within Mercedes-Benz, as well as dealer users. Then the new training management platform "OTL" was built up.

The Platform "OTL" not only realized the integration of PC and mobile terminals from the technical point of view, but also conform the customary approach of Chinese users in the experience. By combining the individual ability of the trainees with the future career development plan, the platform realized automatic matching of job requirements and learning content, and then automatically push learning content. "OTL" is an intelligent training management and E-Learning platform that integrates convenience, comprehensiveness and high efficiency. It is committed to providing excellent training system application services and application experience for Mercedes-Benz dealers.

Having a hundred years of history, Mercedes-Benz has become a world-renowned car brand. Its development wouldn’t be successful without the high-quality and high-performance of cars, as well as the continuous exploration of personnel training.

As a cooperation partner with Mercedes-Benz for many years of, Retech always upholds the "customer-oriented" service philosophy and attaches great importance to the effective transmission and continuous delivery of service value. It is the persistence and great effort that bring Retech and Mercedes-Benz to work together and make breakthroughs. This cooperation is another deep exploration for Retech and Mercedes-Benz in the development of talents in the automotive industry. As a leading knowledge service provider and leader of learning technology in China, based on its service ability that accurately understands the needs of enterprises, Retech has realized a one-stop high-quality service of comprehensive pre-sales consultation, project implementation and operation service to assists enterprises in all aspects to accelerate personnel training and business development.


"One who walks daily fears no distance; one who practices frequently fears no task.” In the future development of talents in the automotive industry, Retech has perseverance, confidence and determination to continue to innovate, develop and contribute, to create a new engine for talent construction in the automotive industry.