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Retech Won “Boao Award” - an “Oscar” Class Award in E-Learning Industry

05 12,2018author:

On September 28-29, 2018, the 10th China E-Learning Forum & Exhibition (CEFE) was held at the Beijing International Convention Center. As one of the representative organizations of the E-Learning and Training Industry, Retech was honored to be invited to participate again. Retech stood out among many competitors in the industry and won the “Boao Award- Customized E-Learning Courseware Excellent Service Provider” award.


In addition, the cooperation projects with Bank of China and CITIC Bank were winners of the “Boao Award-Excellent Innovation Platform Application Award” and “Boao Award - Excellent Mobile Learning App Award” individually, after going through a series of strict selections of the expert review and internet-voting process. 


As the highest award in the industry of informatization learning in China, the Boao Award aims to discover and recognize outstanding enterprises that apply new technologies and new methods in learning. This time Retech and its cooperative enterprises together won three awards, which does show that Retech’s online training services has been highly praised and appreciated by experts and customers in the industry. 


Also, Retech’s booth attracted the attention of many participants at CEFE. Many speakers visited the booth, including Mr. Lu Gao, Training Manager from Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (SPDB) SPDB University, and Yuan He, Deputy General Manager from Education and Training Department of China Life Insurance.

A number of training management from Bank of China (including Baole Xu, Deputy Dean of International Finance Institute of Bank of China, and Wei Zhang, Head of the Learning Platform Project of Bank of China) also visited Retech’s booth, discussed in depth with the key management from Retech (including General Manager Gongshi Wang, Deputy Manager Hong Chen, Technical Supervisor Miaoguo Ma, Project Supervisor Jian Guan), and expressed their recognition of the cooperation with Retech for many years and praise for Retech.

In addition, some responsible officers from training related departments from a large state-owned communications enterprise, a large state-owned high-tech enterprise and a national comprehensive securities company were also attracted to visited the booth and had a good discussion, and also reached preliminary intentions for further cooperation.


In the session of the theme of "Regression ? Performance Improvement", Mr. Zhang Wei, the Head of the "BOC Learning” platform from International Finance Institute of Bank of China, was invited by Retech to deliver a keynote speech of "Integration - build a mobile learning platform and help personnel training”.

Mr. Wei Zhang profoundly summarized the philosophy of learning and the current status of platform of Bank of China, and also elaborated on a series of viewpoints on future learning. After many discussions and practices with Retech, the construction of the "BOC Learning" platform has been continuously improved and applied in the past two years by Baole Xu, Deputy Dean of International Finance Institute of Bank of China, Wei Zhang, Head of the Learning Platform Project as well as other stuff from the Institute. During the speech, Wei Zhang’s excellent phrasing received prolonged applause.


In the session of the theme of "Regression ? Knowledge Inheritance", Ms Yanqun Li, Director of Knowledge Management Business Department from Retech, shared “Knowledge Management to Drive the Growth and Development of an Enterprise”. Ms Yanqun Li has many years of experience in knowledge management. She has participated in the compilation of “China KM Standardization Document” twice and has been involved in knowledge management in medical care, finance, real estate, IT, manufacture, retail and other industries.


The content has been shared includes three parts: “The Current Status of Knowledge Management, The Model and Framework of Knowledge Management, The Breakthrough Point of Growth and Development of an Enterprise”. Combining the key points of knowledge management service of Retech, Ms Li deeply interpreted the implementation value of knowledge management “Explicit Knowledge To Be Structurized, Tacit Knowledge To Be Explicitized, Knowledge Innovation To Be Collaborated, Knowledge Capital To Be Value-added”. The speech has successfully attracted very strong interest of many participants. The atmosphere was rising with constant interaction.

Also the speaker Mr. Dongming Ma from Minsheng Business College of China Minsheng Bank, one of Retech’s regular customers, specially mentioned the unique style of knowledge management model of Retech during his speech.0000000.jpg

“Success only favors those who boldly forge ahead.” Retech entered a new decade of development in 2018. In the context of the mobile internet era, as one of the leading companies in the domestic E-Learning and training industry, Retech carries glory and responsibility, and has a sense of mission to promote the development and innovation of E-Learning education. In the future, Retech will continue to explore the strategic value of E-Learning and training, regress to the initial focus of training, focus on the fundamental core, continue to innovate and develop, and contribute to the development of global E-Learning and training industry.