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Good news again! RETECH wins bid for content Construction Project of Bank of China Shenzhen Branch

05 12,2018author:

Recently, after winning the bid of China Chain Store & Franchise Association LMS project, Retech continuously wins bid for content construction project of the Bank of China Shenzhen Branch. This project is another major project in finance industry (banking), which will provide content resource and support for its online learning platform as a supplier.


Retech has cooperated with the Bank of China many times. The Bank of China was formally established in the year of 1912 with the approval of Dr. Sun Yat-sen. It has strong strength and occupies a position in the international financial community. In the year of 2017, Bank of China ranked fourth out of the 1000 largest banks in the world. It is the only financial institution in emerging market economies to be named as a global systemically important bank for six years in a row, and the only Chinese company in 29 consecutive years to be ranked in the world’s top 500.

The success of Retech’s bid for the project fully demonstrates it achieves high recognition of comprehensive strength and service capability. Bank of China Shenzhen Branch has always pursued the spirit of excellence, long-term commitment to strengthen the construction of high-quality personnel. With the rapid updating and iteration of knowledge, the bank hopes to further satisfy the learning needs of different terminals and different scenarios by enriching the content of its online learning platform, thus creating a personalized learning environment and growth path for each student.


Retech has a large-scale E-Course development team and rich experience in curriculum development and management. After years of successful practice and accumulation, the content development team has more than 700 persons, and has more than 20,000 class hours of high quality E-Courses development experience. The application direction includes teaching experience, graphic and text demonstration, scene animation and simulation. In the meantime, Retech can effectively and steadily deliver customers with standardized and reliable production process, quality evaluation program and project management system.

In order to provide better customized services to meet the needs of staff development and knowledge reserve in the bank, so as to enhance the overall level of Bank of China Shenzhen Branch, Retech integrated the purpose of the bank with specific senior curriculum design experts and multimedia design team to provide professional services. Either teaching design or content presentation, Retech always adheres to the development of students, fundamentally meet the learning needs of students, helping Bank of China Shenzhen Branch to establish a learning organization and promote the development of the talents.


“Knowledge changes destiny and learning to achieves the future.” This sentence applies to both individuals and enterprises. The stable operation of enterprises requires continuous training of staff’s learning mentality and progressive, making enterprises strive to become improvement and progress of enterprises in the development.

RETECH and Bank of China Shen Branch cooperate, trust and progress with each other. Facing the new historical development opportunities, RETECH will adhere to the principle of people-oriented cooperation and provide support and guarantee for the talent development of the bank, so as to help the Bank of China Shenzhen Branch gain wider recognition and praise from the banking industry and customers.