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Retech Works with BBAC to Building An E-learning Platform

05 12,2018author:

No effort, no harvest. Recently, Retech successfully signed a contract with Beijing Benz Automobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "BBAC"). Retech strives to provide training management system optimization and upgrading services for the dealers of BBAC in China, help to achieve lean management, and create a new training mode for automobile talents.


BBAC launched its journey in 2005, with the rapid rise of China's automotive industry. With the development of over 10 years, it has become the first Chinese vehicle manufacturer to win the title of 2016 factory of the year in the category of "excellent large series assembly". Beginning in 2015, the production and sales of BBAC have witnessed a leap-forward growth, and for the first time in mid-2016, it has leaped to the second place in China's luxury car joint venture brands, and has maintained a rapid momentum so far.

With the growing of BBAC, the number of employees is growing rapidly, and the difficulty of training is also escalating. In order to optimize its talent development system and enhance learning effect, in light of cooperation of several times and its high trust in Retech, BBAC chose to entrust the task of building an online learning platform to Retech, so as to better promote its learning vitality.


As a leading knowledge service provider and learning technology leader in the industry, Retech has been working in education industry for more than ten years, covering a wide range of areas in China including Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu and other provinces. With abundant practice experience, Retech has provided online learning and training management solutions for many benchmarking enterprises in finance, automotive and other fields. It has a strong platform to build development capabilities and mature online course development technology solutions.

In this cooperation, Retech provides training management system optimization and upgrading services for BBAC, mainly for its dealers. It aims to solve the problems of unsatisfactory performance and functions shortage in its current training system, so as to better establish a new training system framework and meet business development needs.


Over the years, Retech has always concerned about the interests of customers, and attaches great importance to the delivery of service value. Based on the accurate understanding of customer needs and efficient service capabilities, Retech has created a one-stop service for pre-sale consultation, project implementation, operation service, which assists enterprises in accelerating the construction and development of training undertakings.

Nowadays, the scale of China's automobile industry is growing, and its demand for talent training is also increasing. In line with the "craftsmenship", Retech will do its best to provide BBAC with perfect training management system optimization and upgrading services. Market-oriented, brand-led, product-oriented, system-supported, Retech ignites the spark of training and development in China's automotive industry, and helps China's automotive enterprises grow.