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Retech Signed a Contract with Mediinfo on a Knowledge Management System Project

05 12,2018author:

Knowledge is an important part of the core competitiveness of tech enterprises. With the loss of talents and the acceleration of knowledge renewal, tech enterprises are facing more and more difficulties. In order to enhance their competitiveness, they must rapidly update their own knowledge levels, explore new knowledge and ideas, constantly innovate and create personalized products to compete with other enterprises. Therefore, the importance of knowledge management (KM) is becoming more and more prominent.

Recently, Retech successfully signed a contract with Mediinfo to provide KM consulting and platform integration solutions.


Mediinfo was founded in 1999 with headquarter in Hanghzou Future Hi-Tech City. After 18 years of development, facing the society and the public, Mediinfo always adheres to the great mission of "science and technology care for the beauty of life", and has been committed to building a knowledge system with both humanities and technology, so that the knowledge of individuals and enterprises can be accumulated uninterruptedly. From a systematic perspective, this will become the intellectual capital of the enterprise, and help employees improve their professional skills, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the enterprise.


In order to improve the KM system and talents quality, Mediinfo chooses to cooperate with Retech. As one of China's outstanding professional knowledge service providers and learning technology leaders, Retech has been focusing on the R&D and service of knowledge-based learning integration system for ten years. It has accumulated rich experience in finance, automobile, retail chain and other industries, and has a professional team to provide service for customers.

This time, the KM service Retech provided for Mediinfo is one of the important means to build a learning organization. Considering the current development needs of Mediinfo, Retech sort out its scattered knowledge points, makes explicit knowledge structured, tacit knowledge explicit and knowledge innovation collaborative.

Knowledge is power. This cooperation of Mediinfo and Retech is the result of mutual belief of "talent is the core of enterprise development". We believe that Retech will help Mediinfo successfully build "China's leading healthy city operation and management service platform", and provide knowledge and talent support for the innovation and management of enterprises.