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Retech Wins the Bid for E-Course Development of Bank of Communications Headquarter, Assisting Talent Cultivation

05 12,2018author:

Recently, succeeding the operation project of "Gold Medal Trainers" of the Bank of Communications Shanghai Branch, Retech has signed the course-development project with the Headquarter of the Bank of Communications. This is one of the representative projects of the cooperation between Retech and Bank of Communications. Retech hopes to enrich its training resources, strengthen the efficiency of its curriculum input, and further strengthen the development of its high-quality financial talents.


Bank of Communications is the first national state-owned joint-stock commercial bank in China. It was listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong and the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2005 and 2007 respectively. It ranked 171 among the world's top 500 banks in 2017, and ranked fifth among the 1,000 largest banks in the world in 2017 by British Bankers. Moreover, 2018 is the 110th anniversary of the Bank of communications, a key year to speed up the "Internet +" talent optimization and drive financial services with innovation. Therefore, with trust and affirmation of Retech's professional service, the head office of the Bank of Communications entrusted its customized courseware development to Retech.

As the top knowledge service provider and learning technology leader in the industry, Retech has provided a series of customized courseware solutions for many large financial institutions such as Industrial Bank, Huaxia Bank, PINGAN, CHTC. It has professional courseware development methodology and a strong courseware service team. At present, it has followed a trend of diversified courseware customization development and innovative courseware service system construction for e-learning industry in the era of mobile internet.


For many years, Bank of Communications has adhered to the company mission of "people-oriented, creating a good personal development environment for employees", and pay attention to employee training. With the courseware service experience in financial industry, combined with the development status and future vision of Bank of Communications, Retech has formed perfect service solutions that are consistent with the development law of financial market, providing a professional and systematic service, and helps improve the talent training Bank of Communications Headquarter.

Business is thriving because of talents, and talents are gathered for business. Talents are the basis of competition, innovation and strength of an enterprise. The close cooperation between Retech and the head office of Bank of Communications is another beneficial exploration to promote the high-quality development of the financial industry.

In the future, Retech hopes to further deepen the training plan of financial talents, strengthen communication and exchanges with leading financial enterprises, integrate the training of financial talents with the reform and opening up and the development trend of China's financial industry, and push the innovation of the talent training of China's financial industry to a higher level.