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Retech "Enlightening Wisdom" Animation Micro-Courses Launched on PINGAN E-Learning Platform

05 12,2018author:

Recently, the "Enlightening Wisdom" series of animation micro-course developed by Retech has officially been released on PINGAN “Zhiniao” E-Learning platform.

Zhiniao is a mobile learning and employee training App under China PINGAN. In August 2015, Zhiniao won the gold award for Best Mobile Learning Applications and the Bronze Award for Leading Learning Technologies of Brandon Hall, the first Chinese enterprise to win this award. Zhiniao was officially available in November 2015 and so far has been used with good effect by more than 1000 enterprises and industry associations.


The course developed by Retech going live on Zhiniao is one of the important initiatives of Retech to follow the principle of openness and sharing in the Internet era. The series of animation micro-courses are divided into four modules: thinking innovation, mentality innovation, design innovation and administrative innovation. Flash is used for production and development.

The characters in the stories have their own characteristics and vivid expressions. The overall picture is rich in color, and dialogue is humorous. This series contains 100 selected stories, each of which lasts about 2 minutes and is presented in the form of animation, which makes learning more interesting.


As a professional e-learning service provider in China, Retech has a unique style in courseware production. Based on many years of experience, a special teaching design methodology has been formed, which can realize the production of quality courseware with over 20,000 class hours. It has outstanding media type development ability and high-efficiency and large-scale delivery ability, and can fully meet the needs of e-learning industry in the Internet era.

So far, Retech has cooperated with a large number of well-known multinational enterprises and state-owned enterprises, and maintained good business relations with many customers. At present, the cooperative clients include Bank of China, China CITIC Bank, Bank of Communications, Industrial Bank, Mercedes-Benz, Sephora and etc.

In the age of mobile learning, "content upmost" is no longer a new phrase. But in this era of cognitive surplus, how to match the appropriate knowledge with the needs of learners is more important. Retech hopes to accelerate precipitation, aggregate high-quality learning resources and improve the construction of general courseware resource bank in the future and provide more comprehensive services and technical support for the realization of the professional, diversified and informationized development of global enterprise organizational learning.