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e-Learning Solutions

Directed at enterprises, government and vocational schools, Retech has provided online learning platform, designed training system and drawn out digital ourseware for the internal members and external clients, suppliers, cooperative partners. Also it would integrate the content of class cloud to help the organization to improve the training efficiency, reduce the cost. Moreover, it might collect and analyze the data of learners’ behavior to turn the system to be the learning consultant of everyone and realize the choice to the differentiated and personalized learning approaches.

The clients of Retech have focused on the finance, auto-mobile and retail aspects.

e-Learning Solutions

Casestudy 1



Targeted at the developing path of staff of SEPHORA, Retech has helped it to sort out and complete a set of solution to endogenous ability and blending online training and promoted the training performance as well as the enthusiasm and loyalty of front-line staffs to the company through a series of judgment and adjustment.


Casestudy 2


Based on employees' competency, ReTech helps Benz China build internal training system, establish perfect curriculum system, and conduct the design and development for the curriculum system. We integrate the existing system into the overall training plan, and re-arrange the new training contents, so as to improve the training system. Over the past two years, the digital courses services, both completed and under development, earned ¥3.5 million.

Casestudy 3


Bank of China

Based on the highly developed and intelligent technical advantages of Shanghai Retech LMS system, it passed the selection of Bank of China and was chosen from the over 20 national and foreign giant suppliers and won the bid of online learning platform of head office of Bank of China in May 2016.

Bank of China is the Chinese bank with highest internationalism and pluralism. The success of Shanghai Retech in serving for the 360 thousand of staffs of BOC around world with the online learning platform developed for BOC would be the benchmark case of Chinese financial online education platform service. And the bidding total of the platform is up to 3.45million Yuan which would provide more lasting and deepened serving opportunity for Retech to cooperate with BOC.