e-training Partnership

Retech has helped the traditional vocational training agencies to realize the O2O teaching organization model and expand the recruitment scope to the whole world, enhance the service efficiency of teaching resources, augment the educational product line and pricing model and assisted it to realize the faster increase and larger profit space.

Increasing the degree of dependency of trainees to the platform through socialization and digging to the big data would be benefit to the sustainable development of the training agencies.

Retech has paid attention to the shared revenue with training agency instead of the one-time fee. Apart from the technical service, Retech could also help the cooperative partners to carry out the network marketing and representation of operation for a long time while the traditional training agencies are not good at it.

Current Situation:

At present, there are 15 platform projects operating in the enterprise project resource pool and 8 of them have be qualified with potential of developing to the associated operation phase. At the end of 2016, two associated operation projects: Pansoftand close to mother tone would be completed.

Retech has made the associated operation projects come true rapidly through the integration of various leading training agencies to achieve the high profit allocation. Also, the cooperation accelerates the rhythm of market entrance to let lots of projects operate at the same time which could not only share the common resource and optimize the portfolio but also reduce the investing risks.

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TP-Link, founded in 2001, listed on NASDAQ in 2007, has been privatized from the NASDAQ , and will be listed on the GEM in Chinese mainland. TP-Link enjoys great reputation in the Chinese industries, such as energy, construction. More than 500 large companies in energy and construction industries have bought its software and services. ReTech is helping TP-Link create an online training platform for energy and construction industries, such as the production of digital courseware, which is positioned for the security area. The project will provide online training for TP-Link's customers, including all Chinese customers requiring safety training, and allow TP-Link to share revenues with ReTech.

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Shanghai Pthink Info. Tech Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in the teaching information construction. Since its establishment of 2009, it has been committed to the educational users in order to provide the professional, suitable and in-depth informationalized service and technology consulting. Based on the joint operation, Retech Technology and Pthink focus on the learning platform of the users of vocational education and training to look forward to the vocational education construction of the national modernization and carry out the deep collaboration and development, which has formed the exchange and interactive mechanism with the normalization, multi level and compactness and finally created the strategic cooperation goal with the mutual benefit and cooperation and win-win situation.